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“In today's rapidly changing world, staying true to the principles of integrity and responsibility is more important than ever. As a company that is rewriting the future through innovative solutions, operating sustainably is central to our mission. It's the right thing to do and a great business as well. With a large experience worldwide, we are in a position to impact the world in positive & meaningful ways.

We live in a smart living economy, where customers are more likely to experience everything through a smart phone. This new world needs, and our customers increasingly demand, products that have sustainability built into them from the beginning. We do this in numerous ways, combining smart innovative products to produce a single complete solution, reducing the amount of resources required, making the process more efficient and sustainable.

We believe that, just like developing leading-edge products, building a sustainable company is something that requires a very hard work. We understand that remaining at the forefront of a world driven by smart solutions will happen only if we put people at the center. With the support of our customers, partners, shareholders and employees, SPSC group is committed to building a brighter future for this world

Walid Shihaden
CEO & Founder

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